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Festival dates, 27.8. - 2.9. 2018,


100 years since the end of the first world war, and Finland in 1918.

Forssa’s X1X Silent Film Festival: The Big Parade and the first world war. 

The purpose of the festival is to present films associated with the first world war. From a broader perspective, our subject matter includes both American and European films. We examine the first world war era via films produced during those times. We cover the events of 1918, in Finland, too. The situation at the beginning of the war that ended 100 years ago was very similar to the existing situation today. At the beginning of the last century the superpowers of Europe competed heatedly amongst themselves over economic and political authority. Germany had become an economic super power challenging Great Britain to compete for European markets. Although Germany, England and France were important trading partners with each other, competition increased tension between the great powers.

An essential part of trade policy was competition over colonies. By the beginning of the century the greater part of Africa and Asia was already shared, mostly between France and Great Britain?. Germany had lost out in this race. Pressure to secure colonies was enormous and mainly concentrated on Turkey’s weakening empire in the Middle East. Other super powers disliked Germany’s approach to the Persia Gulf, via Turkey. Meanwhile, Austria, Hungary and Russia were in disagreement over the Slavic peoples in the Balkans. The dual monarchy supported the kingdom of Bulgaria and Russia in Serbia. Russia’s plans to control the Turkish straits displeased Austro-Hungary, fearing Russia’s over dominant position in the Balkans.

Once again we have found a magnificent programme, from around over the world, and very fitting for this year’s theme. Our programme will be screened during one week in the Elävienkuvien Teatteri. As in previous years, accompaniment to the films will be provided by experienced musicians.



Ticket sales

The info point and ticket sales are situated in the tent in Keskuskatu nearby the Elävienkuvien Teatteri. For online sales go to: elavienkuvienteatteri.fi. Tickets are also available in advance from Elävienkuvien Teatteri.

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